factoryIt is important that security cameras be visible to everyone by the company. On the one hand so the cameras can work with full capacity options they have. The other staff will be fully aware of that has been observed and this affects the security of the company and not driven by other motives. Everyone is worried when he knows it is monitored and recorded. This stress could be reduced if multiple cameras are visible locations. This is because workers will get accustomed to security cameras much quicker if you see them every day, at some point they will have less importance, and people will be under pressure.

Despite these regulations is sometimes necessary to track workers without them knowing, especially if there is a crime. In these cases make video will serve as a proof to the relevant law enforcement authorities and will help to prove the guilt of the perpetrator.

The market has a large variety of hidden and spy cameras that can be used for such purposes. This type of cameras are compact and inconspicuous.

If you record conversations between his subordinates would violate their personal, inviolable space and lead to future legal problems for the company.

According to “International Principles on the application of human rights to monitor communications” – “actions limiting the right to privacy, including the monitoring of communications can be justified only when prescribed by law, are necessary to achieve a legitimate aim and proportionate the desired purpose. ”

In simple terms, it is not lawful to violate the confidentiality of conversations between your employees. If you do this without good purpose would be viewed interception and also legal problems and would compromise the reputation of the company. It is recommended to use this last resort only when it is necessary to prove a crime in now and you’re almost sure who the perpetrator.