Asian carp debate

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And, thanks in large part to research efforts by the Army Corps of Engineers, experts realize that closing the locks will never be a solution for keeping these fish out of Lake Michigan. That extent of biodiversity loss is apt to make the entire eco-system more fragile. The more people who appreciate the costs and dangers posed by this potential invasion, the more motivated people will be to take an active part in defending Canadian waterways from the threat. Asian carp have the potential to invade the Great Lakes if no action is taken towards decreasing their population. To operate a healthy fishery, there must be a balance between predator and prey Minnesota Sea Grant, However, their success may lead to their demise. Now, they are knocking on the front door of the Great Lakes.

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In addition to the risk assessments and ongoing surveillance, DFO is engaged in research that could help control the movement of Asian carp populations.

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Navigating a Sea of Superlatives in Pursuit of the Asian Carp

There was no real chance of recovering it, but she and Ronnie Brown were peering down, wondering if it could be salvaged, when Brown saw a fish laying in their net close to the surface. There was a consensus around the table that day that both the public and the government overreact to Asian carp. A towboat pushing a barge carrying liquid fuels or chemicals with a low flashpoint, like benzene, must wait for an assist boat to pull from the other side, grounding the flammable barge to avoid static. Others say no amount of caution is too much. Other than warning signs and a yellow fence, several squat, bunker-like concrete buildings were the only evidence of the barriers. Common Carp, Cyprinus carpiowhile originally from Asia, arrived in North America much earlier and is not one of those species referred to as Asian carps. Though other factors may have also played a role, lower numbers of gizzard shad, big-mouthed buffalo, large-mouth bass, crappie, blue gill, and catfish in the Illinois River correlated with the Asian carp boom.

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asian carp debate
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asian carp debate
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