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This swelling area is the G-spot. Evaluating health and social care interventions at the extremes of the life-course — York, York. Both Cass and Redelman believe the vagina itself is not a very sensitive organ and say it has relatively few nerve endings. There are several structures in this complex that could produce pleasurable sensations when stimulated — the G-spot might reflect the stimulation of just one structure, or multiple structures at once. What could the G-spot be?

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They write that the so-called G-spot, a term that refers to a pleasurable spot located inside the vagina in the pelvic urethra, doesn't exist -- rather, every woman has the capacity to orgasm if her clitoris is stimulated.

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[Renaissance of vaginal orgasm by the rediscovery of the Gräfenberg spot].

While some women may expel these fluids during arousal or sex, they are most commonly expelled during orgasm, and particularly through G-spot orgasm. It's been decades since the sexual revolution but many women remain anxious in bed because they're worried they're not having the right kind of orgasm, some leading sex therapists say. Available editions United Kingdom. This site is being redeveloped. What we need to see is that doing this will leave us chronically frustrated. But a review published this week in the journal Clinical Anatomy may just halt all of these fruitless quests with the conclusion that neither the elusive G-spot nor the vaginal orgasm exist. However they arrive at orgasm, that's the right way to do it for them.

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german vaginal orgasm
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german vaginal orgasm
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