How to squirt milk from eye

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Login — Register to add your comments! I knew this anomaly couldn't be too obscure. They said "only a handful" of people have this ability, but from the comments by other people here, it looks like it might be more common than thought, many people just haven't discovered it yet. However, sponsors are already lining up behind it. Yeah, one time I got out of the shower and had stuffy ears, so I held my nose and blew.

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Does your skin get bruise easily?

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Eye Squirting

Of course, only a very few people who are born with the appropriately anomalous tear glands can participate in the sport. I am 77 years this the first time I had swollen and red eyes why? Amazed onlookers say they would never believed it without seeing it with their own eyes. Please I want to learn by the nasal way because I can pinch my nose and make bubbles in my eye, but whenever I try milk, I just swallow it! Hey dudes and chicks so you all want to know how to shoot milk out of your eye? Is it good to sleep in the afternoon? But it's frustrating because you see

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how to squirt milk from eye
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how to squirt milk from eye
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