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UN experts ask govt to protect journalist Rana Ayyub from online threats. Three people close to senior members of Ms. The official reason for his departure was to write a book. The figures, which appear in a report to be released Thursday, highlight the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian conditions brought about by a four-year-old conflict that has pitted a U. But Soni's exit apparently had more to do with an April investigation by AOL lawyers into his treatment of women within the publication's editorial fellows program, "which he allegedly treated as a continually-replenished pool of potential romantic partners," according to another Gawker report one whose details track with information provided separately to Inc.

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As Rick Scott joins U.

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'Asshole Parents' Instagram Account Shows Why Reasonable Toddler Tantrums Are All Your Fault

Keep scrolling and visit Asshole Parents on Instagram and Tumblr for more photos. Beyond the toxic cultures and instances of covering up sexual harassment, there is also the lack of diversity at Uber and the Huffington Post. Once, I got into such trouble with the Muslim community for publishing a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad as an act of information not of provocationthat a group of men took to running a chain prayer wishing ill-health and death upon me. As the tweet began to pick up traction many people had theories as to what was going on behind-the-scenes with Cruise's behind. Alpha-male antics were not part of life at HuffPost under its founder, but an air of intimidation and politicking was. Now, as he prepares to take office in the U.

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huffington is a asshole
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