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Hi I'm 21 and never had a period. I've procrastinated in telling my mum because it's embarrassing and I'm scared it's an actual problem and then everyone will know. I now scared of intercos cos when the penis enter its too painful. I know its not STD so please don't blab on about that, I also know the best thing is to see a doctorbut I wouldn't be writting this if I did that, just need some pre-advice, sono std or aids comments or see a GP. This is not cancerous, but can bleed, especially after intercourse, so it is best to have it removed. But it looks not good and it seems to be getting larger.

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Am J Obstet Gynecol.

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14 things you never knew about the hymenal ring

Defects in the rectovaginal fascia or separation from its attachments often result from childbirth or improperly healed episiotomies, and commonly lead to transverse defects above the usual location of the connection to the perineal body. Further studies are needed to assess this surgical approach for rectocele repair. Should I get it checked out by a doctor, or is it fine? A lot of things people might not be aware of these things because some have known it by personal experience when it comes to getting to know your body. Since i had my son ive had these little growths come up i had one for a long time never grew. When I'm going to pee It's sore. Hymens are always rings of tissue unless there is an abnormality like a imperforate hymen.

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hymen looking bulge on anus
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hymen looking bulge on anus
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