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This orgasm gap was also shown to be smaller for women in relationships. Looking back on a walk she took with a group of female scientists, Wolf recounts "that slightly wild, slightly inexplicable moment — when the wind, the grass and the animals had all seemed a part of what we were learning about ourselves". Erection expands the bulbus glandis and ties the two Wolves together; thus coitus is achieved. Wolf calls the female orgasm a sort of trance state, writing:. The sense of smell plays a very important role in lupine life and society. Wolves are covered in a moderate length pelt across most of their body. Where all bets are off.

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She went to see "New York's pelvic nerve man", which required a certain presence of mind.

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Naomi Wolf's orgasms: what have we learned?

So for however long your interaction with her lasts, make it count. We were looking at 15 days in Rikers Island if we were found guilty, which is a very violent place. She becomes so disinhibited and impervious to pain that it is as if she is in a state of altered consciousness. In a well-meant attempt to demystify the female orgasm and the clitoris with its 8, nerve endings, Wolf seems to have achieved the opposite effect. It's a stampede of women rushing to the nearest osteopath to get their spinal cords checked.

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do female wolf have orgasm
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