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Like I've said, this film is not perfect but it's got enough in it to elevate it above other romantic films in my opinion. But when the errand fails, Ripley takes extreme measures. Eventually Anna and Dan each confess the affair to their respective partners, leaving their relationships for one another. Notice how when he flipped out and started screaming at her, she wasn't scared? Compare to Jude who doesn't hesitate at all to hit on Julia All discussion must be related to film.

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The music of Irish folk singer Damien Rice is featured in the film, most notably the song " The Blower's Daughter ," whose lyrics had parallels to many of the themes in the film.

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Yes No Report this. He tells Anna what happened to Alice, how she died, that her real name was Jane Jones, etc. I think the scene between Anna and Alice in the museum could be really good as well because we rarely get to see what these two think about each other in the film apart from minor compliments and insults. The other major scene cut from the play is the final one, which takes place after the hotel scene with Dan and Alice. She was a stripper in the past and goes back to it after she leaves Dan. Out of Anna and Alice I can't really decide who I like more, as much as Anna was sly but it was obvious she had love in her whereas I never really felt that from Alice. I'll have to take your word for it in the sense that I don't remember details and just walked away with a different impression for whatever reason.

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natalie portman in closer fake
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