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When he debuts, he says stuff like he finds birds pretty and then suddenly decides he wants to eat fried chicken. Airplane blonde; aeroplane blonde noun a brunette, usually a. Suddenly, a well-dressed platinum blonde business woman stands up and says "How can you judge people based on their hair color? Gorgeous blonde Candice Dare has a great big round ass and loves to suck on dick. Played with in Hidamari Sketch:

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Dumb Blonde

The aptly titled French comic Les Blondes is entirely devoted to Dumb Blonde jokes, with the main character Vanessa embodying this trope. In Seanan Mc Guire 's InCryptid novel Discount ArmageddonVerity objects to being treated as stupid — yes, she's blond, but that doesn't make her a dumb blonde. My mom's side of the family is more sporadic, but we do have a relatively high rate. In fact, the entire film is about Elle subverting this stereotype — while she's certainly very preppy, very feminine, and very blonde, she proves to be an extremely competent lawyer against everyone else's expectations. Miyako is a tall, busty blonde who often comes off as ditzy, flighty, or just plain weird, and is prone to making extremely poor decisions - but most of it seems to be the result of an extremely severe case of ADHD which is actually presented in a surprisingly accurate fashion compared to most examples of Attention Deficit However, a side character named Sandi is a straight example.

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