Can a girl get pregnant with precum

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As sperm are microscopic you won't necessarily be able to see a small amount so if there is any chance that he could have touched himself he will need to wash his hands with warm, soapy water before touching your vagina. However as the anal opening is very close to the vagina it is possible for sperm from the anus to get into the vagina and cause a pregnancy. How can a woman get pregnant without a womb? Hymen is perforated and precum contains small amount of sperm, so there is the theoretical possibility that one lucky sperm will get through and meet an egg to fertilize. Is it safe to

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Can I get pregnant from first time sex?

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Can you get pregnant from “pre-cum”?

Great Mother Therasa was totally against abortion. Ask New Question Sign In. The Safest thing is to assume that an erect penis is always capable of causing a pregnancy even before an ejaculation so cover it with a condom before it comes in contact with the vagina. Inserting a penis in a woman's anus and ejaculating cannot by itself cause a pregnancy. Can a virgin woman become pregnant without penetration?

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can a girl get pregnant with precum
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can a girl get pregnant with precum
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