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At first I thought 'twenty lashes with the strap' had to be similar humor for the tourists benefit as well. I opened my mouth to accept her present deeply, knowing it had the purpose of preventing me from injuring myself should things get out of hand, as well as gagging me. That one stung, and even with the relatively light tap I gave myself my dress tore exposing my ass, but that didn't explain the tingle I felt in my belly. You are under arrest for causing a public nuisance, as well as public indecency. I'll be submitting it to various other film festivals over the summer as well. A voice and hot breath eventually whispered in my ear, and I recognized it as belonging to my last sadistic professor who introduced me to this peculiar obsession.

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On our short walk to the jail I looked up at the old whipping post and stocks mounted on the elevated platform in the town's square, thinking it funny that I didn't notice them earlier as they blended into the back round scenery for me.

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Daughter Gets the Razor Strap - (Spanking)

Best of the Web. I stumbled across this video on YouTube and thought I start a fun thread. A short time later a bell could be heard outside, apparently it's mournful tone a signal to bring the condemned to the gallows to pay her debt to society. To those who mistakenly think it is child abuse, a few controlled whacks to correct bad behavior works well and the child will respect you for it. I then bent over her desk long ways and pressed my naked breasts down on the cold polished oak, and I grabbed the far side of it tightly as instructed. My executioner stopped her assault and approached the crowd, telling them that those were only warm ups and didn't count, and if they didn't keep track of her lashes for her she might have to start all over again.

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she spanked me with strap
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she spanked me with strap
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