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Scientists can infer that animals--mostly primates--orgasm through recording physiological or behavioral aspects, like muscle contractions or changes in vocalization. Few people pay attention to behavioral observation," he wrote. Noneotuho via Wikimedia Commons. Or something in hand. Spontaneous ejaculation has thus far been recorded in drowsy rats, guinea pigs, domestic cats, warthogs, horses and chimpanzees, according to the study. The drive is for immediate reward, for pleasure.

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They get more specific in the study:.

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Do animals have orgasms?

Want more news like this? They do it because it feels good which ends up being good for the propagation of the speciestoo. As Birkhead described to me via email, "the bird shudders its wings and clenches its feet as it ejaculates-- who knows whether it feels like a human [orgasm], but the external behaviour looks like it. University of Toronto researcher Frances Burton's workwhich involved hooking monkeys up in a dog-harness contraption and stimulating them with essentially a silicon monkey dildo, for instance, might be tough to get approved these days. It has to outweigh the terror of getting killed while you are lost in getting laid.

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cates orgasm female
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