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So if you want to leave your contact details in this thread for other posters to get in touch that would be great otherwise email us at whedonesque gmail. As far as the fiction of the movies, Coulson is dead First, he wrote the pilot for Agents of Shield. I see where he's coming from with Coulson tho. That's why I don't like going to the movies. In a final post, the admins of Whedonesque. Someone calling a fat person fat to their face isn't a dick? Which was the point.

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I guess your examples just seem really nitpicking.

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Following their separation inWhedon confessed to the affairs. Submit a new text post. Also remember, just cause you like his movies doesn't mean you have to share the same opinions, so you can totally like Iron Man 2 and think bringing back dead characters is an awesome idea that doesn't lower the stakes and invalidate the concept of death, while still enjoying his Avengers movies and Dr. He is behind one of the biggest movies ever made, so he's one of the guys everyone is talking to. Then film a small independent movie.

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